Coaching people affected by the behaviour of someone with an addiction

There are many types of addiction, but something that people with addictions usually have in common is that they tend to demonstrate unpleasant, unsociable, and unwanted behaviours. Generally, these are displayed towards those closest to them, and so it is the partner, the children, siblings, parents, or friends who are most affected. Whether you have a physical, psychological, or problematic addiction, if you are feeling ready to implement change and improve your life, and the life of those affected by your addiction, then I can help.

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Is This You?

Addictions are, unfortunately, incredibly common. There are millions of people affected by the behaviour of people with addictions. Addictions might include alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex, prostitutes, pornographic material, food, or maybe something else.

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Are you frequently told you’re to blame for someone else’s addiction?

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Are you told you aren’t good enough or that your behaviour is making the person with the addiction feel the need to indulge?

Are you told you are stupid, ugly, fat, or inferior?

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Is the addiction impacting on your family’s financial circumstances? There may even have been some domestic violence as the frustration of someone’s addiction causes frightening behaviour.
  • Do you lie awake at night worrying?
  • Are you feeling sad, anxious, panicky, depressed, confused, sickened, embarrassed, ashamed, fearful, torn, upset or angry?
  • Often your caring nature and loyalty means you worry about what will happen to the person with the addiction and you aren’t thinking of yourself at all.

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