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I have been married to two men, both with an addiction to alcohol, one of them with other addictions too. I spent 21 years in these relationships. My daughters, both from my first marriage, are now 19 and 21. I have seen so many different behaviours related to addiction and witnessed first-hand the damage it does to the partner, children and wider family.

I am a life coach and use my techniques to help you when you are struggling with the conflicting emotions, panic and despair of witnessing the behaviour of someone else’s addiction.

I can help you, and your family, move from panic and despair to calm and resilience. I can help you find strength and clarity to move your life forward more positively.

I am a non-judgemental, kind and empathic coach and can help you find a better way forward. People suffering at the hands of other people’s addictions need help. I’m here if you would like a chat.